Hanyu LIU () is a professor (2018-present) in International Center for Computational Method & Software, College of Physics, Jilin University, P. R. China. After completing his PhD studies in Jilin University under supervision of Prof. Yanming Ma (2008-2013), he joined University of Saskatchewan working with Prof. John Tse as a postdoctoral fellow (2013-2015) and Carnegie Institution of Washington working with Prof. Russell Hemley as a postdoctoral associate (2015-2018). His research focuses on crystal structures and physical properties of materials at high pressure, e.g. predicted diffused proton behaviors of solid hydrogen under pressure and designed some compressed hydrides with superconducting temperature exceeding 200 K, encouragingly, some of which were confirmed by later experiments, over 100 peer-review papers followed, including 1 Nature, 1 Nat. Chem., 3 Nat. Commun., 1 Sci. Adv., 11 PRL, 4 PNAS, 18 PRB.

Office telephone: 0431-85167870